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Chris Land Orphans

Testimonial by Ms Chris Land.

I was happy to find the Leo Project on the net as I wanted so much to visit Sri Lanka and do some volunteer work, work that I felt was actually helping in some way, without costing me a fortune.

I feel to pay a couple of hundred pounds for board and lodging in addition to giving your time is fair, whereas many of the organizations I had enquired with were requesting a large amount of money for the privilege of giving my time! In addition the flights are not cheap and none of us are made of money.

Before I knew it I had arranged to arrive in Colombo in early February. Scarry when I realized I was completely on my own. I tried to ask around the travelling pages to see if anyone had experience of the Leo Project, all I received were scam mails selling their tour knowledge. So I flew out alone, with many hopes.

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My hopes were certainly met! I was quickly made to feel at home by Anne and her partner Ahmal (our LEO Staff members eds.). Anne is part English and both speak fluent English, as I am utterly hopeless with languages I was relieved!

We arranged visits to varying establishments where I taught basic first aid, something I had never done before and was unsure whether I would enjoy.

I am an emergency medical technician at home so I knew my stuff but to teach it is a whole different thing. I found I thoroughly enjoyed teaching as my ‘students’ were so keen to learn. The last group I taught were girl guides which was particularly rewarding.

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In addition I worked in the orphanage in Colombo, an orphanage for some 200 children from birth to 18 years old. Children who so need some love and affection! I wanted to ensure that I spent my time where it was seriously needed ( I have five grandchildren at home therefore not lacking in babysitting demands).

I have returned home knowing that I made a difference in those children’s lives. If only a big hug here and there, or an arm around a shoulder.

One whole day was spent cheering them on at their volleyball competition, which with great pride I report they won!

They have so much love to give and no-one who wants to take it.

So if you are thinking about joining the Leo Project… it! You will not regret it and you will forever be a greater person for your experiences. >> More about Sri Lanka on Chris’ blog.

Ms Chris Land

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